Expertise and Experience

I teach what I know from personal experience and success for over a decade in these areas. I've built businesses (retail, consulting, and virtual), launched mulitple profitable brands (including passive income business models), and earn 5 figure speaking fees. Unlike many course instructors and coaches, I don't practice clinical medicine anymore. That's my proof!

It's Different for Doctors

There are unique challenges and opportunities for physician entrepreneurs. If you're in healthcare and you want to grow a thriving business, you'll want to learn from someone who understands your situation. A 'one size fits all' course or coach isn't going to give you the same results.

Refund Policy

I absolutely know that my signature courses (like The Speaking Rx and The Branding Rx) will deliver value if you do the work.I stand by that with a 100% money-back guarantee that you'll see on the program description page and at checkout. However, the policy is pretty tight! So, refund requests are subject to these conditions:

The Deadline is Firm

Inertia and inaction kills your results, so please dive right in. You must submit your refund request within 30 days of enrollment (15  days for Industry Insider). That also means you must complete all the homework from that same period.

Feedback is Required

This is so important. My team will ask for specific feedback on what wasn't working for you and how we can improve. Your actual answers don't affect your refund, but your willingness to discuss your experience does. 

Give It Your Best

I pour my very best into these courses, and expect the same from you. For that reason, you must demonstrate that you've given it your best effort by submitting your completed homework from the first two modules to be eligible for a refund.

Most webinars or video training (including live, on-demand, single, and series) are not refundable. You'll also see this noted at checkout. Please be in touch before you enroll if you have any questions.

Not for Everyone

My courses have helped a lot of people change their lives. If the descriptions or testimonials resonate with you, we're probably a good match. But, here are some reasons why my courses might NOT be a good fit for you:

You Prefer Passive Learning

These courses require you to be fully committed, serious about success, and ready for action.  If you prefer passive learning or you don't intend to execute, these aren't the right courses for you. Please don't sign up our of curiosity or 'just to check it out'. 

You Want Legal or Financial Advice

Although I may mention legal considerations (such as contracts and trademarks and potential business models), these courses aren't intended to cover any advice on taxes, business structure, liability, etc.  Consult your own attorney and financial experts for that. 

You Want A "Get Rich Quick" Guarantee

It doesn't work that way. I'm not offering any scheme or shortcut - just sound and proven modern strategies for entrepreneurial growth and business success. Don't expect a magic bullet. You determine your own success. I make no guarantees on your behalf. 

You Want a Personal Coach

These courses do not offer one-on-one time with me or direct access for questions and consultations. (Some courses may offer group coaching calls and office hours as VIP add-ons for an additional fee.) If you want a personal coach, these may not be right for you.

You're A Master Online Marketer Already

If you already have strong knowledge of online marketing principles, such as content creation, traffic generation, brand differentiation, SEO, keyword research, website analytics, and business applications of social media platforms, these may not be right for you. 

You Have Lots of Paying Customers

If you're already killing it in your intended business domain and have actual customers who pay you well, this may not be right for you - unless you have that growth mindset that there's always something new to learn or a new way to apply what you already know. Then we're good match!

Do you offer CME or a certificate?

Most of my courses are intentionally unaccredited, which allows me to be flexible in what I offer and when, and allows me to offer training at a reasonable cost. The Branding Rx is an exception - it's fully accredited for 18 Category 1 CME hours! Courses may be tax deductible business expense - check with your tax professional.



If you still have questions, just ask! And, click HERE to read my earnings disclaimer and terms of use. 


See you on the inside :)


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