You deserve a career you love, and a career that loves you back.   


For over 12 years, I've been helping doctors succeed in business and nonclinical work. How can I help you?



Nonclinical Careers (12 hrs CME!)

An easy step-by-step program. Learn how to land a job as a physician in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry - even if you feel unqualified, clueless, or sick of rejection today. You can do it. You just need some insider info!


"Dear Marjorie, good news - I have 3 offers - Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, and AztraZeneca. I really learned from the Industry Insider course. Thank you - you rock!"

Rheumatologist, 6 weeks after completing Industry Insider
seeking an industry career for >5 years

Intro to Pharmaceutical Careers for Doctors [Podcast Playlist Episodes 86-91]

ProvenĀ strategies. Step-by-step action plans.Ā Real results for your career pivot, business, speaking career, or side gig.

"When I left my job as an academic hospitalist, I was completely clueless on how to actually turn my passion for teaching meditation into a real business that would pay my bills. Iā€™ve worked with Marjorie in several capacities and have seen my business grow immensely. Marjorie is truly an expert in branding for physicians. If you have any chance to work with Marjorie, DO IT, and do it soon! "

Jill Wener, M.D.

No analysis paralysis. Stop doing the wrong things, and start getting results!


Cut the confusion. Learn exactly what works - the most important and most effective strategies that get results. 


You're busy. We get it. Modules are short. Videos are concise. Homework is concrete. It's all in the right order. You can do this. 


Every lesson moves you ahead. You learn by doing with a streamlined roadmap and step-by-step directions for immediate action.

The Branding Rx (18 hrs CME!)

Get smart about how you position yourself and communicate your value to build an in-demand professional brand or profitable business.


The Speaking Rx

You're already a great speaker. An unpaid expert. Understand the business of public speaking, and learn how to earn 5 figures for an hour on stage as a professional speaker. 


Masterclass for Online Courses

Demystify the process to successfully create your online course without the usual mistakes - and on any budget.  


"I chose this course because of you, Marjorie - you are awesome and amazing at what you do! I got to know you by watching your informative videos, and I had no reservations. I knew it would totally be worth it. "

"This course changed my thinking about social media for branding and about my audience. I look at words differently now when crafting content. "

"Before taking this course, my biggest challenge was simply knowing where to start. Trying to figure it out on my own was overwhelming. But now I feel like it's absolutely possible! I have a much better overall picture and easy steps to move through.Ā "

"Was it a good investment? Absolutely worth it. I loved the course, and I'm planning to sign up for more!"

"This course gave me clarity on positioning. I never thought about the language I use to describe myself in this way before. There's so much gold in this course. I had no reservations about signing up."

What does your dream look like?

A personal note...

Today's world is flooded with courses, coaches, masterminds, and experts. It's hard to know who really has the right experience to help you achieve your goals.

That's why I want you to know that I walk the walk. After a successful 10 years in academics, I retired early and now have an entirely nonclinical career.  I know what I teach. 

For more than 12 years, I've had successful (that means profitable)  businesses - consulting, professional speaking, retreats, online courses...even a thriving retail start-up with customers in more than 110 countries around the world. 

If I can do it, you can do it. And I get it, because I've been exactly where you are. I know how much you want that financial independence, professional autonomy, and creative fulfillment - but being a physician entrepreneur has a unique set of challenges, opportunities, and risks. You need someone who knows the deal, and who has the kind of results that you want!

Your dreams are important. Your work is meaningful. Your value is unique. And I believe in you. If you're serious about building something bigger and following your passion, I'd love to help.  See you on the inside!

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