Launch Your Online Course on Any Budget

This webinar will demystify the process and the logistics so you can successfully create your online course without the usual mistakes and headaches, and on any budget.  You don't have to spend a lot to create and launch a great course! 



The Online Course Webinar Workshop is a foundational program that delivers what you need to know before you do anything else


You want to finally turn your online course idea into a profitable business that gratifies your soul and your bank account. You want to avoid predictable and costly mistakes. You want a streamlined path without all the stress and uncertainty. 

I'll help you do this without burning time and money on things you don't need. 

It starts with understanding the basics. What will sell, and what won't. What platforms and logistics you need to pay for, and what you don't. That's what this webinar workshop is all about. 

Don't let tech overwhelm or budget anxiety hold you back from launching your course. You can deliver a high quality course without all the stuff most people think you need. 

When you join this webinar, you will learn:

1. How to validate your course before you create it. Wouldn't it be better to know if people will buy it before you invest time, effort, and resources to actually make it? 

2. How to deliver a high quality course at almost no cost to you. We'll cover logistics as well as specific platforms and methods. 

3. How to deliver on the other end of the spectrum - a course with a higher end feel to give your students a premium experience. Again, we'll cover specific recommendations for logistical flow, platforms, and methods.   


If you've got a course idea but are stuck in pre-launch confusion, this webinar will give you a precise action plan to make your course a reality. 


Because spending more than you're earning isn't a business plan. 


"Marjorie has changed my entire approach to my business online, and taught me so much about branding and SEO, as well as the ins and outs of speaking professionally. My speaking opportunities have multiplied, and my confidence and knowledge of the business continues to grow. What sets Marjorie apart is the ease of digesting what she delivers. I always feel like she is speaking to ME."

Nancy Shipley, M.D.

Knowing you have a market that's ready to buy before you spend all the time to produce your course?

That's priceless. This training is so packed with value! 

Understanding exactly how to launch and deliver your content without investing in programs and platforms that can cost hundreds per month or thousands per year? At just $297, this training MORE than pays for itself. 

I can give you the help you need. For ten years, I've been building successful, profitable businesses online. Now you can avoid the predictable and costly mistakes most new entrepreneurs make. 

If you're frustrated or confused - you've tried to learn this on your own, or piecemeal it together from info on the internet, or taken a course that wasn't quite right - you're not alone. You feel like it should be easier than this. And it is! Let me show you how. 

The Rx Series has a long track record of success, and is the only series that: 

1. Is designed by a physician entrepreneur specifically for busy physicians. I know you're not the stay-at-home hobby side hustle type. 

2. Is offered by a seasoned expert who has been at this game a LONG time - for myself and for individual and corporate clients. I know how to get results. 

3. Gets your struggle between wanting control and needing to outsource - you don't have time for all the fluff. 

4. Knows how much a profitable online business means to your personal wellness and professional fulfillment.

5. Is highly recommended by your peersphysician entrepreneur clients who have experienced big breakthroughs and results - even if they've taken online business courses before!  (Read what other doctors say about The Rx Series courses here and here.)


"I started the course with a pretty well-established brand, but I wish I had taken it earlier. Through Marjorie’s recommendations, I watched my email list double! Prior to the course, I was struggling with how to monetize my site but still provide free content to my learners. Now, I am launching our SheMD Shop! I was learning with podcasts and websites for entrepreneurs, but those aren't specific enough for physicians. This course addressed another layer of the more complex interactions of professional life as doctor mixed with professional life as entrepreneur - I'm so thankful for that."

Melissa Parsons, M.D.

"If you're on the fence, just jump on over. It's totally worth it. You will learn more than you thought possible and it will no doubt get you closer to your goals of becoming a more visible, more efficient, more productive, and more successful expert in your field. "

Emergency Medicine, Florida

"This course gave me clarity on positioning. I never thought about the language I use to describe myself in this way before. There's so much gold in this course. I had no reservations about signing up."

Gastroenterologist, New York

"This course gives you a road map to actually get something off the ground. I definitely wanted something geared for doctors - it made the whole experience much more powerful!"

Anesthesiologist, Washington

Avoid costly mistakes figuring this out yourself.

There's no need to struggle, or to spend a ton on endless platforms, plug-ins, and other tech.

At just $297, this training pays for itself time and again.

  • Learn how to conduct market research for FREE.
  • Learn how to grow and leverage your email list for FREE.
  • Learn how to get people signed up for your course for FREE.
  • Learn how to get set up to accept payments for your course for FREE.
  • And of course, learn how to actually give the course content to your students...yes, for FREE. 

And sure, if you're ready to offer something a bit more polished, professional, and premium, I'll show you how to do that too. 

Naturally, there's work involved, but it's not the kind of work most people are actually doing when they're confused and stuck. So join today, and let me help you with that.



Launch Your Online Course on Any Budget


"Your unified approach to branding, SEO, and social media strategy was very enlightening. It’s empowered me to give my passion and message the wings it needs to make maximal positive impact on the world. Probably the most powerful change was a shift in my mindset around my value, both in monetary terms and my power to impact on the lives of others."

Stacia Dearmin, M.D.

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