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"Thanks Marjorie! I accepted their offer. After a 2 year journey, I finally made it into industry! I owe a lot of my competence to your Industry Insider series. It was sooooo helpful to understand transferable skills and the interview questions. I'd love to tell as many people as I can!"

Ronnie Shalev, MD
Director of Quality, Abbott

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"Hi Marjorie! Thank you so much for Industry Insider - the webinars on interviewing and transferrable skills were especially useful review right before my interviews. They gave me the confidence I needed to present my skills in a way that the hiring manager could appreciate. Your down-to-earth and organized presenting style made every lecture easy to follow and practical. It was all new to me, so you really got me started on the right track!"

Alison Lyke, MD
Medical Director, CRO


I heard about a program with 4 on-demand webinars - where's the Industry Insider Webinar Series? 

The original series was 4 pre-recorded webinars covering the basics of industry skills, resumes, interviews, and networking. It's been archived. Today, we're thrilled to be rolling out a much more complete program that takes you from early job search all the way through an offer on the table. 


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