Nonclinical careers for doctors in the pharmaceutical industry - an overview

What do physicians working in pharma actually do? Would you enjoy a career in the pharmaceutical industry? How can you get a job as a doctor working in pharma?


These are extremely common questions that I’m asked all the time. After a decade of a successful career as an academic anesthesiologist, I transitioned to a position as a Medical Director for a large pharmaceutical company. My colleagues and friends are constantly asking what I do, what it’s like, how I got my foot in the door, and whether they can too.


In this series of articles, I hope you’ll find the answers to your questions about physician careers in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a highly rewarding, intellectually stimulating, creative, and impactful career option that many doctors want to learn more about.


Each week, I get literally dozens of emails and DMs asking me the same questions about getting a job in pharma, or what it’s like to work in pharma, or how to get started exploring the industry, or how to make an industry friendly resume, or how to start networking in industry when you don’t know anyone…all very common questions. Because I just don’t have the bandwidth to answer each person individually, I started to put my answers in my podcast, The Career Prescription, and in webinars and courses you can find right here on this site.


So, start with some of the articles, webinars, and podcast episodes. If you like my teaching style, come join me in my course Industry Insider – it will tell you exactly what you need to know to begin your career as a physician in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry. My students have real success stories – key roles in major companies. Many of them were about ready to give up before they joined the course. It gives you a complete plan, with focused, actionable advice, doing the most important things the right way to get the best results. I hope to see you on the inside!


If you'd rather listen than read, here's a playlist - a curated series from my podcast, all about pharma jobs for doctors. 



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